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According to the Bible, man's biggest problem is his separation from God. This problem is solved when we repent of our sins and receive Christ as our Savior. This brings us into right relationship with God, but we soon discover that we have other problems. We have inner problems, such as anger, jealousy, resentment, worry, feelings of worthlessness, and other similar problems. The reason we have these problems is that we have deep needs which have not been met. So, what is MAN’S DEEPEST INNER NEED?

The deepest inner need of every person is to regard himself as a worthwhile human being. Man tries many things in his effort to meet his need for significance. Some people work hard to accumulate money because they feel that money gives them a sense of importance. But money cannot satisfy our deep inner needs.

Other people seek to satisfy their heart's needs by accumulating things, such as cars, houses, and property.  But "things" can never satisfy the deep needs of our heart.

The Lord Jesus said in Luke 12:15 “'s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses."

My friend, God's way of meeting our need for significance is this:

He puts us IN CHRIST. He makes every believer a vital member of Christ's body. God gives believers spiritual gifts and opportunities to use those gifts. In this way every believer is significant because he becomes part of God's great eternal plan. He placed me in Christ and He put His Holy Spirit in me.  That’s our significance. That is our eternal satisfaction that we can never lose.