Welcome to City Mosaic Church!

Bienvenue || Bienvenido || أهلا وسهلا || ਸੁਆਗਤ ਹੈ || Wilujeng sumping
Our Multi-cultural Church Family
We Love God and We Love People

We are a small multi-cultural church in Northeast Calgary in the community of Marlborough.

If you are looking to join a community - a group of people who truly and genuinely care for each other - please, come meet us!

We meet every Sunday at 10:30am at the Marlborough Community Association:

636 Marlborough Way NE
Calgary, AB

We are sure that you will be loved, belong, and believe.

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The Good News!
Did you know that "Gospel" means Good News?

God created everything in existence and said that it was good. When God created mankind, He lived with them and had a relationship with them; He said that they were very good.

However, mankind made some big mistakes (we call them sins) that hurt their relationship with God. This also caused large rifts between mankind and the rest of creation, and mankind suffered all sorts of pain and suffering as a result.

God loved mankind, though, so He came up with a solution to fix everything – He sent His only Son to smooth everything over. His Son, Jesus, took upon Himself the consequences of every mistake that any human had made, or would make, and He fixed it. He paid the price for our mistakes, our sins, with His life.

Because of this selfless love, mankind can once again have a full and healthy relationship with God and with the rest of creation.

The best part, though, is that God raised Jesus from the grave to live with Him in Heaven and rule over all of creation with love and authority.


And Jesus wants you there with Him.


If you are interested to hear more about the Good News (or “The Gospel”) please click here to get in touch with us. We would love to walk with you on this journey! 

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