We are so excited that you're interested in checking us out in person!

 You're probably wondering what to expect.

First, we want you to know that you are welcome here! We have a bunch of introverts at our church so if you're nervous about meeting a bunch of new people, don't worry, we get it. But we always want new people to feel welcome so we will come say hi to you and hope that you feel genuinely welcome. If you're an extrovert, we will still come say hi, then be really happy to meet an extrovert because you tend to be better at fuelling conversations than us introverts. 

We like to keep things casual and relaxed
so don't worry about finding your best outfit.

 Most people dress casually, including the pastors. But if you like to dress up a bit, go for it! Come as you are, however God made you to be!

Our service is about 60 minutes long with engaging worship, a powerful message, and lots of discussion time at the end. We sit at large round tables during the service and share in discussion immediately following the message. We use guided questions to get to know each other and talk about what we learned and how it will impact our lives.

We currently don't have a separate children's ministry running but we do have lots of toys and colouring pages for the little ones to enjoy. Kids have lots of fun playing in their toy palace but are close enough that they can, and often are, brought into the service. Just a heads up, it can get a little noisy sometimes but we try to be respectful.

We hope that you like our vibe and come join us on Sunday at 10:30 am!